Eric Schirmer - Professor of Nuclear Envelope Biology

Eric Schirmer’s group studies the role of tissue-specific nuclear membrane proteins in 3D spatial genome organisation, how this organisation contributes to gene regulation during development and tissue regeneration, and how it is disrupted in human disease. Specifically, the lab uses mammalian tissue culture and mouse models for myogenesis, adipogenesis, and blood cells with a focus on understanding the role of the nuclear envelope in tissue differentiation and lymphocyte activation and how this is disrupted in Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy and lipodystrophy. The lab also studies pathogen interactions with the nuclear envelope. Eric Schirmer worked with Niza Frenkel at the National Institutes of Health in America where he contributed to the discovery of the seventh human herpesvirus before obtaining his PhD with Susan Lindquist at the University of Chicago where he used biophysical approaches to demonstrate the first physical interaction of a prion protein with a chaperone and genetically showed an interaction between the Hsp104 chaperone and the septin ring. His developing interest in filament formation led him to study nuclear intermediate filament lamins with Larry Gerace for his post-doctoral work at The Scripps Research Institute before starting his own lab at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology in 2004, where he was a Wellcome Senior Research Fellow from 2005-2018 and Professor of Nuclear Envelope Biology since 2017.


Jose de las Heras - Post Doctoral Research Fellow

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Rafal Czapiewski - Post Doctoral Research Fellow

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Douglas Pyott - Research Assistant